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ActiveHorse ® stables is a new way to keep horses - based on the horse's natural needs. The horses are in groups with social contact and with access to small feed portions during the day. They can eat according to need and rest, together or by themselves, depending on their needs. The horses get plenty of fresh air and are constantly in motion. An ActiveHorse ® stable meets all natural needs.

In an ActiveHorse ® stable each horse is identified using a chip attached to a neck strap or a halter. The horse will be recognized in the feeding stations when the horse goes in and the chip is read. The horse gets the right amount of food and / or full access to roughage. The food is distributed throughout the day and given in small portions. This means that horses can eat when they want to around the clock - even at night. You can easily adjust feed allocation for each horse on the computer, which also shows the horse's feeding behavior.

ActiveHorse ® stables are adapted to the horse's natural needs
ActiveHorse ® stables is a total concept of sustainable horse keeping - below you can see a presentation of the subelements:

ActiveHorse ® fits all housing facilities with 6 or more horses. It doesn't matter whether your horses are small ponies, large adult horses, young horses or a mixture of the above in the same group. In an ActiveHorse ® stables you can give your horse the exact amount of feed that each horse needs - regardless of size.

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Active Horse ® stables offers many advantages:

Healthy horses:

Satisfied horse owners:

Profitable horses:

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